Armin Metz was born in 1989 in Regensburg, Germany. From his early childhood he was attracted by music, listening to radio programs and playing to funk soul and pop on selfmade instruments. After autodidactic experiences he achieved lessons in classical piano from the age of nine. Inspired by electronical/film music he was fascinated with synthesizers. Metz picked up the bass with age 15 what followed a passion for earthy grooves and unique techniques that allow simultaneous bassline-chord-melody structures and percussiv wide-range sounds. He studied bass and popular music at the University of Music HfM Berlin. Explorations as a bass player and producer/multi-instrumentalist led him into the wide field of worldmusic, electronica and pop.

Metz has worked as a bass player/producer with Imogen Heap, Camo & Krooked, Talvin Singh, Ahimsa, Tim Deluxe, Anandan Sivamani, Boobinga, Shiva Chandra, Felix Sabal-Lecco, Tunji Beier, Hossam Shaker, AnuradhaS Krishnamurthi, Christina Lux and Sonja Kandels amongst others.